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Tutorial blogspot; start creating articles on blogspot

If you have managed to create a blog, and understand their respective roles in the editor blogspot then the next step is to begin to publish a blog or fill with items or messages on this blogspot. It is our main goal and work to create a blog. It is filled with papers and objects that we want.

Enter the first log in to Blogger Blogspot,
 here's how to get in Blogspot. ...

Click here to log in Blogspot, dialog box, fill in: username:

  • username when you register to create your blog. This username email currently loaded at the time of registration. 
  • Password: the password during the registration process.
  • Remember me to record user names and passwords on the computer you are using now, is useful when another opportune time we run it. Computers will record and store your username and password data.
Click on the SIGN IN button. Then we will be brought to the form or the Dashboard screen. Dashboard is a panel to access the various functions that govern all things related to blogs such as Post, Settings, and Layout.

Then we will be brought to the worksheet screen, this screen provides various facilities to create and edit articles on his blog. Facilities like this are also called WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). With this facility means we see the WYSIWYG editing screen will be relatively the same as in Pulish (not 100% the same).
To article on Blogspot, in addition to this editor you can also use a variety of other tools, made by any third party, for all these tools together pronsipnya. Some tools are commonly used BlogJet, MS FrontPage, as well as add extensions for Firefox is a very powerful, ScribeFire.

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